Urban Commons and Participation of the Industrial Heritage: Two Events of the GSZ in the Context of the Architecture Festival “Make City”

                                            Make-City-Berlin-417x349kép “Make City”
The Festival for Architecture & Urban Alternatives, Berlin 11–28 JUN 2015  

Urban Commons and Participation of the Industrial Heritage:
Two Events of the GSZ in the Context of the Architecture Festival “Make City”

17 JUN 2015
Make City Open!
How are the “Urban Commons” manifested in contemporary architecture?

TIME : 19:00
LOCATION: Bücherbogen, am Savignyplatz, Stadtbahnbogen 593-594, 10623 Berlin
PARTNER: Birkhäuser Verlag & Jovis Verlag

Dozens of publications appear every year on contemporary debates within architecture. One the most current topics is the renaissance of the Urban Commons. Publishing houses DeGruyter and Jovis invite Make City visitors to the Bücherbogen at the Savigny Platz for a presentation of two of their publications: “Urban Commons Moving Beyond State and Market”, published in cooperation with Dr. Martin Schwegmann, and “Make_Shift City. Renegotiating the Urban Commons”, published by the Make City director Francesca Ferguson. How does knowledge about Urban Commons connect with the praxis of architecture and urban planning? A podium discussion will discuss this very question.

No registration required!

26 JUN 2015
Participation and Re-use of Post-Industrial Heritage
The possibilities of participation in heritage conservation and urban development in Europe

TIME: 19:00
LOCATION: Bauhütte, Südliche Friedrichstadt, Besselstr. 1, 10963 Berlin
PARTNER: Bauhütte Südliche Friedrichstadt Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung

There is an increasing demand for participation when it comes to determining the re-use of post-industrial sites. Former employees and local residents want to be part of the decision making process regarding what should be done with examples industrial heritage. This process is related to the wider transformation of the city as a whole and the planning that shapes this development.

In Europe we find a variety of planning traditions which have an impact upon the concept and practice of participation, as well as different understandings of conservation and development.

This discussion will explore the benefits of participation for both planning and production of architecture as well that for heritage conservation. Four experts with experience of different cases from across Europe will help us to understand the possibilities and implications of participation as a method for re-use of the past.

The event takes place in the context of the cooperation project of the DFG and the GSZ “Industrial Heritage Sites in Transformation”. A book with the same title by Oevermann/ Mieg was published in this year (2015) by Routledge.

Andriy Makarenko Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Tabea Michaelis denkstatt-sarl / NRS-insitut
Levente Polyák KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

Frunze 35 Kiev, Ukraine
Sulzer Stadtmitte Winterthur, Swiss

Heike Oevermann Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung, Humboldt-Universität
Katy Schroth Belius Stiftung  

Registration is required!
(Registration under the following link: http://makecity.berlin/?p=14205&lang=en)


More information and the full program of the festival “Make City ” can be found under the following link: http://makecity.berlin/

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